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Police Cars

public safety

I'm a long time advocate of law enforcement. I supported and voted for hiring a police chief in Belen that would boost morale within our police department and bring down crime. Our new police chief did exactly that. 


My family has fallen victim to not only violent crime but to our own court system. Interpretations of our current laws let three murderers out into the public with only two years of jail time.


Our police officers are doing their job. It's time our court system does its part. We need stronger and broader laws that condemn violent and repeat crime.

I'm aware of the crime that rattles our county. It's time Valencia County residents feel safer in their homes. 

As your next Representative of House District 7, I'll introduce strong legislation that'll crack down on violent and repeat offenders. 




I'm a more recent product of our educational system. I can tell you it's not easy on the working class. I grew up close to the poverty line. My family couldn't afford to pay for government double dipping.

We pay taxes, the schools shouldn't ask for additional fees. Our schools wouldn't ask for additional fees if our classrooms were properly funded. I'll introduce legislation that'll ban additional school fees and fund our classrooms properly.

In addition, that legislation will limit cap and gown expenses or require schools to provide caps and gowns. There's no reason a student in public education with a working or middle class family should have to pay $300 for a cap and gown, which is what happened to me. 

I plan to address more issues. Like how students that can't afford class fees are banned from participating in some school events. 

Graduates Holding Diplomas


Our economy has sustained heavy blows from COVID related restrictions. As your next representative, I intend to lead us into a better economy as I have before.

I support established oil and gas. There's no doubt in my mind that it's essential to our state budget and jobs. Although, I don't believe any new drilling should be done. Especially in Valencia County.

I support clean energy. I helped approve the massive solar farm that will be coming to northern Valencia County.

I support our farmers and often you can find me at local farmer's markets. We need to ensure our farmers are protected, we couldn't survive without them.

Our infrastructure needs a major overhaul. Roads across Valencia County are falling apart. We need money to prevent flooding. 

I'll tell you right now, as your next representative, I will request as much money that's needed to get the job done. 

I intend to be here for our communities and workers.

abq journal

I'm the only candidate to respond to the ABQ Journal. 

vote 411

I'm the only candidate to respond to the league of women voters.

krqe, kob, koat

I've represented our people on T.V. multiple times. Here's one from when I announced.

mayor pro tem

As a City Councilor and private sector worker I have the experience and proven record to get the job done.

Let Danny know what's important to you. 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with Danny!


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