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meet danny

My ancestral roots run deep in Valencia County and New Mexico. I was born in Albuquerque (due to no hospital at home) and raised in Belen. 

I'm a native New Mexican. I was raised on a decaying street that hadn't been fixed in 30 years. I would play in potholes filled with rainwater with my friends. My family is working class and didn't have money to pay for anything outside of living expenses. 

I'm a fighter. In 2011 I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Hodgkins lymphoma. My community came together and raised funds to help support my family while my Mom took FMLA to take care of me at the hospital and at home. I received the full treatment of chemotherapy and radiation. I was cured the same year.  

I want change. When I attended Belen High School my family didn't have money to pay for school fees, class fees, field trips, lunch, and a $300 cap and gown. Often teachers would pitch in to help or I would have to do yard work to make money. I learned early that government double dipping was real and our working class families are affected the most. 

I love our culture and history. After high school, I decided to stay in Valencia County, attend the UNM-Valencia Campus, and get involved in our community. I took history and political classes by local historian Dr. Richard Melzer. I learned to love our county and to protect our culture and history.

Integrity and honesty is important to me. I lead by example not only because it's my job but because it's the right thing to do. 

I'm proud to have founded, co-founded, or served as a member/ex officio of the following organizations:

Valencia Association of Local Elected Officials (VALEO)

An advisory group of elected officials within Valencia County to work together and communicate similar interests

Greater Belen Chamber of Commerce

Ex offico. An advocate at the local, county and state level for laws and statutes that are good for business in Valencia County. 

Belen MainStreet Partnership

Board member. A local non-profit that's goal is to revitalize downtown districts. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission

A commission established to honor Dr. MLK every year. 

Belen City Council

Mayor Pro Tem, City Councilor. My government experience is the perfect fit for Santa Fe. 

Hispano Chamber of Valencia County

Ex offico. Preserves Valencia County traditions by promoting and enhancing local business development through civic, social, cultural, and employment training programs. In addition, they provide scholarships and host the World's Largest Matanza!

The Hub Community Theatre

group of friends and I, that included teachers and students, established a local theatre to give our community something to do. Valencia County residents, teachers, and students came together to educate and bring entertainment to our county. 

Historic Property Review Board

A board established to safeguard historic properties and the integrity of historic settings and districts.

Retired Senior Volunteer Board

Ex officio. A board established to help take care of our retired seniors at the Belen Senior Center.

Believe in Belen Initiative

During the pandemic two friends and I established the BNB initiative. We fed thousands and helped support local business during tough times. 

Ex officio. A board comprised of like-minded volunteers that support books and reading and advocating for programs that will help the community.

Library Board of Trustees


It's time to pass the torch to new leadership. This is what change and progress looks like. Danny has defined his leadership... leadership that creates growth. These projects were not done alone. With your help we will strive and achieve a better Valencia County.

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